Innovation in Fabric Wristbands with QR Codes

ImpressionsID was established back in 1988 in Mumbai, India with a vision to become the best manufacturer and supplier of custom fabric, silicone, and other types of wristbands, corporate solutions, and custom made items for events and fairs globally. It has been our endeavor to better our products and to deliver complete satisfaction and quality services to our valued customers. Our customers continued support and trust has helped us in providing them with innovative products to safeguard their live events in various ways. 

Today we have created an even better solution for our customers to use for their live events. We can now provide our customers with fabric bands with variable QR codes printed directly on them. Lockable fabric wristbands are one of the safest products to use for live events. Now by adding variable QR codes directly printed on them, we have created an almost watertight system for any scale of the event.

The Lockable Fabric Wristband

Event organizers want to make sure that no one copies their wristbands and tries to get access to their live events. The entry of miscreants can lead to unhappy guests and can cause the event to fail which will ultimately lead to loss of revenue. To safeguard their events and restrict the entry of unauthorized people organizers provide their guests with lockable fabric wristbands as they enter the event venue. The lock of the fabric band is almost unbreakable and the band needs to be cut to be taken off. Event organizers tend to go the extra mile to safeguard the success of their event, and this product is perfect for that.

fabric bands with qr code

QR Code Safety

Many events today are using QR codes or Barcodes at the entry points for their events. These codes are usually printed on the wristbands that are given to the guests.  Wristbands with QR codes provide additional safety to the events. These wristbands with QR codes become the tickets for the customers thus reducing the cost of printing separate tickets for entry. QR codes need to be scanned thus the process is faster and more secure thus reducing the cost and enhancing the security of the event. The process is faster and therefore it reduces the wait time for the customers thus there are shorter queues. 

Fabric wristbands used to be made with bar codes or QR codes that were put on a separate PVC tag and attached to the wristband. The disadvantage of this was that the tag was an additional piece attached and incurred an additional cost of printing the QR code or bar code. It also spoiled the show of the wristband as it covered a major area of the band. There was also the possibility of the tag getting ripped off, but not anymore!

fabric wristbands with qr

Rethinking The QR Code Wristband

ImpressionsID has always made an effort to strive towards improving our products for our valued customers. We have always tried to make things simpler and better for our customers. We moved up a notch this time, and are now providing you with an option to print variable QR codes directly on the fabric wristbands without the tedious requirement to add a QR or NFC chip. This reduces the cost and time required to produce these wristbands and increases the security of the bands. 

With no additional tag attached the band looks attractive and the organizer has a larger arear to print their brand name or logo. Having variable QR codes streamlines the events as the people involved in the event can be categorized easily depending on the QR codes. Or specific QR codes can be allocated to a specific category of people. No matter how it is done, the use of separate codes on the wristbands for events goes a long way to streamline the management of the event.


The lockable fabric wristband with QR code printed on it is a revolutionary product for ImpressionsID and for the industry as a whole. It has taken event safety to a whole new level in terms of access control at the main entry, identifying or categorizing ticketing zones, and the safety of guests. Using TagTechs QR scanner combined with our fabric wristbands with variable QR codes printed on each band, you have a virtually watertight system in place for any scale of event you plan.

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