Product: Fabric Wristbands #111

Wristband Lock Or Fastner: Single Layered Flat Lock

Woven Or Printed: Single Side Full Colour

Fabric Wristband Length: 13 inch / 33 Cm / 330 mm

Industry Or Use Case: Event Accreditation

Fabric Band Attachment: QR Or Barcode Tag

Fabric Wristband Technology: Printed Variable QR Code

This product is revolutionary for us as well as the industry. The lockable fabric wristband is one of the safest products to use for your live event in order to control access and either at the main entry or identify zones or categories of tickets and visitors.

We have taken this up a notch by now providing you with an option to print variable QR codes directly onto our fabric band without the tedious requirement to add a QR or NFC chip. This reduces cost and time required to produce these bands and ups the security of using the band tremendously.

Using TagTechs QR scanner combined with our fabric bands with variable QR codes printed on each band, you have a virtually water tight system in place for any scale of event you plan.

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