Fabric Wristbands

Our Fabric Lockable Wristbands have quickly become the most popular of all our wristband products.


Not only do they offer the very highest level of security but they look great and far more comfortable for guest to wear over multiple day events.There are three key features to these bands which gives them the highest security rating in our wristband range.

Firstly, the bands are printed and not woven. We have the ability to print multiple colours, logos and graphics as opposed to woven bands that have a limit to the colours used. This provides an opportunity for producing intricate design and colour options which will appeal to the event sponsors. For the event organiser, it means the bands are virtually impossible to counterfeit.

The second key feature is the method of securing the band. We offer light weight plastic lock with 2 layers of sharp teeth that dig into the band to secure it, making it impossible to slide off.

If required, all of our Fabric Wristbands can be sequentially numbered, using the latest numbering technology or even barcoded to help with visitor control.

Thirdly we use a silky material to produce our bands which makes them very comfortable for visitors to keep on for multiple day events.

Customizition Options

Wristband Printing

  • Digitally Printed Wristbands
  • Screen Printed Wristbands
  • Stock Coloured Wristbands

Wristband Locks

  • Double Layered Lock
  • Single Layered Lock
  • Button Wristband

Wristband Dimensions

  • Dimensions of Fabric Wristbands

Wristband Material

  • Smooth Silky Material
  • Silky Lined Material