PVC Plastic Cards Customization Options

Using multiple print technologies, chosen carefully to provide the appropriate result, we provide PVC cards of all size & shapes with a wide array of special effects.

With capacities to manufacture over 20 million cards no order is too large or small. All cards are manufactured, personalized and fulfilled from a single secure site to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved from one process to the next, giving you the best possible service from start to finish.

Our Quality

In order to lower prices of cards, suppliers use lower quality inputs such as grade of PVC, inks, colour matching software etc. We use the highest grade of inputs to ensure a high quality output.

Our Price

We pride ourselves in striving to produce high quality goods at the best possible price, never letting our service standards drop. We may not be the cheapest in the market, however, we deliver great products at the right price.


Not sacrificing on quality or price, we ensure that be it an event or issuing of ID's at an office, we prioritize delivery schedules and ensure we deliver within a stipulated time period.

For Export Orders HS Code: 39269099