Pen Drives

Personalized pen drives make great gifts as they have an obvious reuse value for the recipient and carry the brand name or message of the company.


The most popular custom printed pen drive is the business card pen drive. It makes a great give away as it has loads of branding space on either size, fits perfectly in a wallet, being the same size as a standard debit card.Full colour photo quality printing is possible on these flash drives.

They are well suited for any one who wishes to promote themselves, right from a corporate with a preloaded presentation or to a DJ who can hand it out with branding and preloaded music they create. They are great give aways as they have re-use value for the recipient and serve as a reminder of a brand or an individual.

Customizition Options

Chip Storage Capacity

  • 4 GB Chip
  • 8 GB Chip
  • 16 GB Chip

Shapes & Models

  • Business Card Pen Drive
  • Customized Plastic Body Pen Drives
  • Customized Wooden Pen Drives
  • Customized Metal Body Pen Drive