Badge Reels Customization Options

Plastic Badge Reels are our most popular choices for size, reliability, economy, and for the ease of use. Most companies supply a low quality chinese import. We have backward integrated into manufacturing badge reels from scratch. This allows us to provide a high quality product where we have the control to provide badge reels in any body colour & provide you with any base attachment such as a vinyl strap for an ID or a key ring to hang a bunch of keys. We have procured a high quality durable badge reel by making the following alterations to the standard product available:

Our Badge Reels VS Standard Badge Reels:

  • The chinese product uses a black rope like thread where as we use a nylon cord which is stonger and provides a smoother noise free pull action.
  • Padding: We provide a rubber disc between the pulley and the exit point of the cord so as to soften the impact during retraction. The chinese import does not have this feature.
  • The chinese product has a center split in their round badge reel where as we have a sturdier base split.